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The Eastdale Alumni Association (“Association”) develops relationships and establishes lifelong connections between Eastdale Secondary School (“Eastdale”) and its Alumni and friends, leading to increased support for the school’s mission and goals. Successful relations are the result of the strategic and deliberate cultivation of Alumni as leaders, volunteers, advocates and donors for Eastdale. Alumni includes all previous students and staff of Eastdale Secondary School.

The mission of the Association is to represent all Alumni and to strengthen their commitment to Eastdale. The Association will assist Eastdale in strengthening the connection between all Alumni and between Alumni and current students in order to create a strong sense of community and to raise the visibility of Eastdale.

The Association will also work to increase the engagement of all Alumni and make the presence and value of this network an integrated part of the Eastdale experience from grade 9 to graduation and beyond. Success by the Association will help Eastdale to meet its goal of preparing young people for engaged lives as strong citizens and leaders in today’s society.

The Eastdale Alumni Association Wall of Fame Program is being established to ensure that the lives and achievements of Eastdale’s most accomplished Alumni will be forever known among fellow Alumni, current and future Eastdale students, and the Eastdale community. .

Nominations will be accepted annually from June through April.

Criteria for Nomination to the Wall of Fame:


The nominee must have attended, taught at or worked at Eastdale Secondary School.
The nominee must model high standards of excellence in personal and/or professional life.
The nominee must have made outstanding contributions to volunteer service or their local community.
The nominee must have succeeded at local, regional or international levels in any appropriate areas of endeavor, including academia and education, arts, business, media, public service, politics, medicine, military, sports, etc.Please download this nomination form

Wall of Fame Selection Committee:

The Wall of Fame Selection Committee (“Committee”) is comprised of seven members who are charged with the administration of the program, the review of nominations, the selection of inductees, and the recognition of inductees. Members are:

Principal of Eastdale
Association Chairman
Three members of the Association, who are appointed by the Association
Eastdale School Council Chair
Eastdale Student Council President
Up to three Wall of Fame Members will be named every year. Nominees will be judged according to criteria set forth by the Committee. The Committee shall require a minimum vote of 75 percent of those present and voting to select the Wall of Fame inductees.
NOTE: For the inaugural year of the program (2016), the Committee may name up to 5 inductees.

Nomination Process

Nominations are made annually on a schedule to be established by the Committee.
Nominees may be solicited through any means affiliated with Eastdale or the Association.
All nominations shall be directed to the Committee through the Association.
All nominations shall be in writing via the nomination form and shall be accompanied by at least three reference contacts who can speak to the nominee’s character/achievement.
All nominations must be verified by the Committee before being considered.
Nominations may be made posthumously.
If a nominee is not elected to the Wall of Fame for a particular year, that nominee may be resubmitted in following years.
The nominations and nominee identities shall be held in confidence by the Committee.Induction Ceremony
The induction ceremony shall be held annually at such time and place as the Committee shall determine. The Committee shall establish a program and see to all necessary details of the induction ceremony. Inductees will be encouraged to attend their own induction ceremony and will be invited to attend future ceremonies.

Inductees will be added to the Wall of Fame display at Eastdale Secondary School and included on the Eastdale Alumni Association web site.

Please download this nomination form then submit your nomination to:
Eastdale Alumni Association
C/O Eastdale Secondary School
170 Wellington Street,
Welland, ON,
L3B 1B3


Join The Alumni Today

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Australia, Italy, British Columbia, or right here in Eastdale’s hometown of Welland, you are invited to become a member of the Welland Eastdale Alumni Association. Membership does not commit you to attending meetings or fundraising. Your annual dues of $10 goes toward helping the students of Eastdale and the school in their various areas of need including our Scholarship Award Program.
Of course you are both encouraged and welcome to join any of our meetings or assist us in fundraising, but only if you desire to do so. Please feel free to contact us @ eastdalealumnimembership@cogeco.ca
Our reunion, held in May of 2011, proved to be very successful with over 1200 people registering and attending the school for one of the many functions that weekend. However, enrolment for membership is very low. If we could get everyone who attended the reunion to commit to an annual membership with the Alumni, the possibilities of what we would be able to do to help the students and the school would be ENDLESS. Join Today!!!

Alumni Membership Registration Due July 1st each Year

Attention Fellow Alumni

Periodically we send e-mails out to all Alumni who registered for the reunion.
If you have not received any email from us recently, could you please renew your Alumni Membership Registration and provide us with:
Your Name (Including Maiden Name)
Your Year of Graduation (from Grade 12)
Your Current e-mail address
We have a lot of interesting things and upcoming events that we would like to share with you but if we don’t have your current e-mail address it is impossible.
Thank you

Alumni Membership Registration Due July 1st each Year


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