The Eastdale Alumni Association develops relationships and establishes lifelong connections between Eastdale and it's alumni and friends, leading to increased support for the school's mission and goals. Successful relations are the result of the strategic and deliberate cultivation of alumni as leaders, volunteers, advocates and donors for Eastdale Secondary School.

The mission of the Eastdale Secondary School Alumni Association is to represent all alumni and to strengthen their commitment to Eastdale. The Alumni Association will assist the school in strengthening the connection between all alumni and between alumni and current students in order to create a strong sense of community and to raise the visibility of the school. 

The Association will also work to increase the engagement of all alumni and make the presence and value of this network an integrated part of the Eastdale Secondary School experience from grade 9 to graduation and beyond. Success by the Alumni Association will help Eastdale to meet it's goal of preparing young people for engaged lives as strong citizens and leaders in today's society.